Heartbeats – daring and challenges

by | 20-05-2021 | Personal

On Linkedin it says: “started at Yookr 4 years ago”. A leap of faith. It’s hidden in my life. The challenge, the drive, the new, something that hasn’t yet been created. But above all curious about people and things. 25 years ago I started doing business. With a company that packaged fish food, but also as a young boy that had no knowledge of the petfood sector. And yet by being myself, I achieved a lot in that period to finally be able to sell the company after 21 years. No regret and full of praise for the one who took it over from me.

I have experienced all facets of entrepreneurship: the euphoria of a new customer, a new product, the new packaging or machine which were not yet available on the market. But also the down side: big disappointments that I didn’t know what to do with. I often kept these hidden. And then there was the deep mourning for the loss of my wife Yolanda.


When I look at LinkedIn, I often marvel at how many people I got to know during this period. Something I’m grateful for. People I still dare to ask for a favor or simply ask for their knowledge. It’s also something I entrust to myself: I share, I help, I’m creative.. If you know how to hit me, I’ll help you.

I also learned a lot about myself. For example, be proud of myself. This wasn’t always me, because I had to move on. The mirror i just walked right past. Let alone having a picture taken of myself. Because I had to go on and on, keep going. All this took place not so long ago…


The pride now shines off! Even to what I’ve done in the past. And yes, that picture that’s going really well these days. And I know why.

Entrepreneurship is learning a lot about your product or service. But more importantly, it’s to learn how you put yourself together. Can I listen? Do I dare to ask questions? Do I dare to learn? Do I dare to make mistakes…? This makes me, despite the many challenges, confident in the future.


The last few months have been a huge challenge for everyone. We will feel the consequences of this for a long time to come. What touches me personally is the disproportionate responses: is this just the new normal? No, it never should be. I’ve resolved to mean something to the world. The climate, our soil on which food for billions of people grows, needs more than just our attention. The world has everything we need. Food, medicine, sun and water… Our farmers and gardeners are very close to this. Let’s pay attention to that. Tell their story to our children. I have faith in our future.

A leap of faith with Yookr four years ago.

The creation of something new.

The confidence.



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