Use of sensors and measurement technology in horticulture

by | 17-06-2021 | Experiences

In horticulture, the climate is a decisive factor for the growth of plants.

Occasional growth pressures can often be attributed to a changed climate or an error in the applied temperature, irrigation or fertilization strategy. It is therefore particularly important to be able to know, accurately adapt and control the necessary climatic factors.

Especially in the open air, which can often cover several hectares, there is a lack of suitable measuring sensors to detect different climate or cultivation conditions in real time.

Advantages of wireless sensors

This is where the great advantages of mobile, wireless measuring sensors lie, which can be used without any problems in large outdoor cultivation areas or on e.g. changing locations in a greenhouse. In this way, the current climate, as well as important cultivation data of the plant stock, can be obtained directly.

In combination with a warning functionality, you will immediately receive a notification that a risky growth parameter. In this way, action can be immediate and cultural damage can be avoided. An example of this is frost warning or a notification that the soil moisture is too low.

Another great advantage of using measurement technology is that you can store the data and compare historic growing years with the current one. This provides data that is important for cultivation and helps you to make the right decisions.

The decisive factor here is data visualization. This must therefore be easy to use and flexible, so that you can always see it on your tablet PC or mobile phone. An integrated warning notification for various parameters should be available by phone, SMS or email.

Flexible Yookr solutions offer an outcome

The most important sensors for crop monitoring in horticulture are temperature and humidity, substrate or soil moisture, precipitation, irrigation amounts, as well as PAR light. Ideally, all available climate sensors can be connected to one system. Horticultural practice is diverse and a specific solution is required for each application situation.

The Yookr system gives you the flexibility to use almost any sensor. The data from the sensors is sent over certain frequencies to a secure cloud and can be viewed by the users at any time. The appropriate warning functionalities are integrated.

Norbert Gröger

Cultivation advisor

Ingenieurbüro Gröger


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