Terms and conditions of delivery by Yookr


The following principles and conditions apply to this offer:

  • One-off (project) costs are invoiced in the schedule below:
    • 100% of hardware costs (sensors and other equipment) commissioned.
    • 50% of the total one-off commissioned project and subscription costs.
    • 50% of the total one-off project and subscription costs after completion of the work.
  • Monthly fees should be paid per month in advance.
  • Payment within 7 days of invoice date, payment of hardware costs before project start.
  • Hourly rates for work outside the project agreement:
    • Yookr Software Engineer €95 per hour.
    • IoT Specialist (including Big Data Analysis, hardware designer) €115 per hour.
    • Project leader €115 per hour.
    • These hourly rates are applicable to any additional work and additional activities to be performed by Yookr on a project basis.
  • The project work offered does not include additional costs for work to be carried out during evening and/or weekend hours at your request. For the relevant hours, the overtime surcharges will be applied as mentioned below and will therefore result in a surcharge on the offered fixed price project price.
    • For overtime, Yookr charges 125% on weekdays outside defined service hours, 150% on Saturdays and 200% on Sundays and public holidays.
  • Installation work for hardware (e.g. sensors) is mainly carried out by the customer. By arrangement, this can be carried out by Yookr. The hours involved are not included in the offer.
  • Mentioned costs do not include any travel costs to be incurred for work on Travel costs for work will be invoiced on the basis of €0.42 per km. Any actual accommodation costs will be charged.
  • All rates quoted are exclusive of VAT.
  • Prices are valid for 14 days from quotation date.
  • Any hardware and/or software to be purchased will remain the property of Yookr until all invoices are paid.