Municipality Horst aan de Maas
Bas van de Lisdonk

Municipality of Horst aan de Maas – Learning garden the Gasthoêsplein

In 2018, as a municipality, we started to flesh out the social and climate challenges that converge on Gasthoêsplein. Along the way, 3 tracks/pillars have emerged namely:

  • Sustainability and climate challenge
  • Attractive residential and cultural square
  • Measuring station-learning garden

Het spoor van meetstation is in een latere fase ontstaan, nadat er budget was veiliggesteld gesteld vanuit het rijk (‘Subsidie pilot klimaatadaptatie’).

The task/challenge for the municipality was to translate all the data from four different parties, bundle them and pour them into a clear dashboard. . Yookr took up and completed this challenge for the municipality The pragmatic, efficient way in which this has been handled suits our municipality perfectly. De pragmatische, efficiënte manier waarop dit is aangepakt past perfect bij onze gemeente.

Without going into detail, I list the major benefits of monitoring the measures applied:

  • Groundwater monitoring:
    • Direct result: This gives you continuous insight into the effects of storing and infiltrating rainwater on groundwater.
    • Longer-term outcome: Indoor and regional groundwater level impacts;
  • Monitoring underground buffer (Lapinus):
    • Direct result: Insight into whether the buffer is functioning and what the emptying time is (infiltration capacity). De les hieruit kan zijn dat de buffer mogelijk meer kan bergen dan vooraf berekend;
    • Long-term result: You have a picture of whether the system continues to function;
  • Temperature:
    • Direct result: you have a picture of what the temperature differences are and what peaks are reached on hot days;
    • Longer-term outcome: The effects of vegetation and measures taken;
  • Soilmoisture:
    • Immediate result: insight into which system works best. In addition, supplementary watering can be very targeted;
    • In addition, extra watering can be very targeted; Year-round “healthy” planting beds.
  • Weatherstation:
    • Direct result: year-round local visibility of weather conditions;
    • Longer-term result: Local view of changes and effects, allowing you to take targeted measures if necessary.

During the Gasthuisplein process, the short lines of communication and low-threshold way of working were seen as very positive. In short, Yookr is a fine party to work with.

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