Tuinbouwbedrijf C. Jacobs
Boy Jacobs

Tuinbouwbedrijf C. Jacobs

“Data can offer tremendously good insights to make the natural process more controllable. We are still dealing with a natural product, but we are trying to take a more factory-like approach by achieving the highest possible quality production, optimising processes and reducing costs. Our data and Yookr’s technology contribute to this.

We like to cooperate with parties in the region. During our survey, we also came across some competitors, but they were further away. After the initial conversation with John, Yookr’s vision in particular appealed to me. You notice that John himself comes from the primary sector and that Yookr also really wants to mean something to our industry. I also really like the interest and commitment shown. Yookr itself sits at the table with growers to engage in discussion and get ideas. This way, the product is really developed together and our ideas are translated into the platform.”

“By continuing to cross-check data and by continuing to work with Yookr to develop the software, we keep getting a step further.”

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